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About Buster Knight

Buster really is the epitome of someone doing what they love.

Submerged in​ art ever since he can remember, he is the master of doing what he knows best.

Being raised in the crazy world of tattoo art, Buster is used to being surrounded by the weird, wonderful and extremely beautiful which is reflected in his work.

Buster has a knack of making women feel more beautiful with a simple compliment and a touch of his brush.

Buster is always looking for a challenge and never shy to jump in at the deep end which is what keeps his style so fresh and current, and really sets him aside from so many other make up creatives.


Buster's CV includes;

- Evolution tour (Anastacia) 2018

- Groomer to Gordon Ramsay

- Make up for Tamara's world (ITVBE)

- Make up artist for Audra Mcdonald (beauty and the beast) for all European Press.


More work on request.

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